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Alexis Branch, affectionately known as “Lex” is the newest Entertainer to hit the scene, but she is FAR from new to the industry. She is truly a “Jack of all Trades”. Originally known as an R&B Singer from the group “BLISS”, her many talents expand to include: Dancer, Songwriter, Actress, Content Curator/Animated Character and TV Host as well.

Originally from Chesterfield, VA and now, in Atlanta, Georgia. Internationally known, Lex picks up the torch and continues to blaze the trail previously traveled by insanely successful entertainers including Aaliyah and Janet Jackson.

Alexis’s music career started in Virginia at the mere age of 8 years old when she created a singing group by the name of BLISS. The group was managed by her father Gregory “Mr. G” Branch and later moved to ATL, GA to secure further opportunities. After a successful run with BLISS to include appearances on MTV, BET, and two successful overseas tours to both the UK and Barbados, Alexis decided to step out on faith in 2016 to pursue her career further as a solo artist.

In June of 2016, Alexis teamed up with super-producer and Love & Hip Hop superstar Steven Jordan, affectionately known as “Stevie J”, to become the first female artist under his management company, Danger Zone Entertainment.

Together, they created her first solo single entitled “Let You Go” produced by Stevie J and written by Lex.

She made her solo television debut on VH1’s hit show “Leave it to Stevie” showcasing her new solo journey as Stevie J’s artist. “Let You Go” was also released on VH1 along with a performance of the sexy, sultry new single.

Alexis has since left Danger Zone & is now independent. In 2022 Alexis signed her production deal with DFD who she made the hit single "oOO Baby" with which landed on the top 100 charts and gained her a Grammy consideration. Today Alexis is preparing to release a new single & Album in 2022

Along with her new musical projects, Lex has been hard at work in the film industry securing multiple roles in films such as “Dear Hard Work” & “Raw” all while also writing & pitching films/shows for her animated character “LITTY LEX” which subsequently, landed her as a Correspondent for the 2018 BET Social Awards. She continues to work with BET as a content creator.

She is exhausting all of her talents and leaving no stone unturned. Whether singing, dancing, writing, creating or acting, she is a force to be reckoned with.